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Welcome to Declarative Healthcare.

A common language for developing the patient experiences of tomorrow is a framework for rapidly building and deploying healthcare applications built on top of React and Material-UI.

Using the declarative language of thfx, generates clear, concise, self-documenting code that reduces development time and minimizes technical debt.

Rapid, human centric healthcare applicationsโ€‹ helps you streamline design and implementation so your team can focus on creating innovative care experiences for patients.

Everything in one place

All developer toolkits are accessible through a single, easy-to-use workspace so your team can collaborate effectively.

Powerful code generation automatically develops complex customizations, saving you time that would otherwise be spent manually instantiating multiple frameworks, managing countless packages and repositories, and building pipelines from scratch.

No Vendor Lock-In

Everything you build with, you own. You have full access to the generated source code and cloud infrastructure so you can maintain it according to your teamโ€™s standard DevOps practices.

About Thrive Healthโ€‹

Thrive Health is a health informatics company working to reduce the implementation burden of technology, maximize investment in existing platforms and human resources, and create digital patient experiences that will actually be used.

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