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Getting Started


In this document, you will learn how to get started with your first app you will begin by creating a solution from the template and then running it in a codespace development environment.


Already know your way around Github and a terminal?

Here's a super quick getting started locally guide:

# Set your key
$ export THCARE_KEY="<your key>"

# Create a new solution
$ yarn create thcare-solution my-solution

# Change current directory
$ cd my-solution

# Run the solution
$ yarn dev

Create a new repository from the template

Navigate to:, then from under "Use this template" click "Create a new repository"

Create a new repository

🐙 If you don't see the button... You must be logged into Github!

Fill in the next form to make your new repository:

  • Make sure that you (or your desired GitHub organization) is selected in the "Owner" dropdown
  • Give your repository a name (e.g. my-first-thcare-app)
  • Give your repository a description (optional)
  • The repository can be public or private (private is recommended)
  • Click "Create Repository"

Open your solution in a codespace

Under "Use this template" again, click "Open in a codespace"

Open in a codespace

💻 Not interested in using a codespace?

Check the development environment guide for instructions on how to set up your local/devcontainer development environment.

Set your key

Your key is used for access to the npm packages, as well as for deploying to the cloud - you'll need it in your environment in order to install dependencies and deploy your solution.

Once the codespace is loaded, time to set your key, you can do this by running the following command in the terminal:

export THCARE_KEY="<your key>"

where <your key> is the token you received from Thrive Health. If you don't have one, sign up at

With your token set, you can ensure it's working and get your dependencies installed by running:

yarn install

Run your solution

Now time to run your solution. You can run the solution in development mode by running:

yarn dev
# or `yarn workbench` for watch mode

The build will take a few minutes the first time, but will get faster in subsequent runs. You should see a few ports open over the course of the build. You can check on them in the "ports" tab of the codespace:

Ports highlighting that 3000 is the web port

Important Ports:

  • 3000: The web port, where you can access your solution front end
  • 7071: The API port, where you can access your solution API
  • 7072: The Solution function port, where functions from your solution run.

Click on the "Open in browser" button next to the 3000 port to open your solution in a new browser tab.

You should be presented with a login screen for our demo "Ardella Medical Center" organization. You can login with any username and password!

Running Solution Login Page

🎉 Congratulations!

You are now ready to start developing your solution!

Please Note Currently, The framework is very much in active development and will be subject to breaking changes, often. You'll likely encounter interesting quirks, unexpected behaviour, or missing functionality. Your enthusiastic participation will help make this the best framework for building healthcare applications. We welcome any and all feedback, and contributions.

Next Steps

⚠️ Encounter an issue?

Please submit issues and discussions on the solution-template repository